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To register your organization to use Turf Tasker, follow the below steps.

  • 1 - Select the register option from the login button.
  • 2 - Select the access code option of 'DON'T HAVE A CODE'.
  • 3 - Fill in your organization's information.
  • 4 - Enter in your admin account info. This will be the account you use when managing your organization through Turf Tasker.
  • 5 - Submit the form.
  • 5 - Once logged in, your email and phone will need to be verified. This can be done on the account page under the subscription drop-down.
Once your account has been verified, refer to the on-boarding process here.

Account Info

Link: Account

The account page houses your organization's admin account info, as well as your organizations info. The tabs at the top of the page allow you to easily see all your information.

The 'User' tab displays your organization's admin account's info. Such as your name and email.

The 'Org' tab displays your organization's info. The Street address, State, Postal Code, ect..

Your organization's Access Code is also found here.

The 'Org Members' tab shows you the emails(workers) within your organization. Here you can add the emails you would like to give permission to join your organization. You can also send them your organization's Access Code via email with the 'Send Activation Code Email'.

Add Member

To add a member to your organization, go to the 'Org Members' tab and select the button to add a new member.

Enter in their email address and hit the add button.

Now you need to send them your organization's Access Code so that when they come to register, they can enter in that access code.

With their email added to the table, and the access code emailed to them, they now have permission to register themselves and and be added to your organization.

Remove Member

Navigate to the 'Org Members' tab on the account page.

Remove a member from the list by selecting the 'Edit allowed emails' button.

Hit 'remove' on the email you'd like to remove from your organization.

Turf Tracking

After contacting us for purchase, your turf tracker will be delivered.

Next navigate to the 'Org' tab on the account page.

In the 'Register New Tracker' form, enter in the your turf tracker's information.

You can see all trackers that belong to your organization inside the 'GPS Tracking' section

Here is where you can edit or delete your organization's trackers.

Turf Maps

You can easily set up multiple facility maps my navigating to your account page and selecting the 'Maps' tab at the top.

Enter your map name.

Input your facility map's center coordinates. You can enter them manually or click the 'interactive' button and click the center of your facility on the map.

Enter your organization's boundaries.

All of your organization's maps can be seen below on the 'Maps' tab of your account page. Here you can edit them or delete them.



To register yourself as an employee for an organization. Your organization first needs to create an account. They can then add your email to the organization and send you the Access Code.

Once you have the access code, register for an account and enter in the access code given to you by your organization into the field when prompted.

Next fill in your account information and submit.

Account Information

Link: Account

The account page shows your individual account information.

You can edit this information at any time to keep it up to date.


Link: Scheduling

Here you can schedule employees for the week. Use the date select at the top of the page to navigate between weeks.

You can schedule an employee for a single day by just entering the Scheduled date field when scheduling an employee. If you would like to schedule them for more than one day, you can also enter an end date. The employee will then be scheduled out to that date.

To delete a scheduled employee, select the employee you'd like to remove, and hit the delete button.

Job Board

Link: Job Board

The Job Board shows all of your scheduled employees tasks for the day selected. An employee must be scheduled for the day selected to show up on the job board page. You can easily see your employees tasks and assign new tasks to scheduled employees. You can also complete, leave comments, edit, or delete the tasks assigned to your employees.


Link: Calendar

The Calendar page shows your organization's monthly activity. Each day of the month will be populated with the tasks and activities for that day. Clicking on one of the days in the calendar will take you to the work day page. See below.


Task Management

Link: Task Management

Managers can assign and track tasks and events from the task management page. On this page you can see every task assigned for that day and who they are assigned to. You can also assign more tasks with the task creation form.

The 'Home' tab shows you all past tasks that have not been completed. You can select each task and either edit it(reschedule), or remove it.

The 'Task' tab shows the tasks currently assigned for the particular day selected. The chart makes it easy to see how many have been completed vs. uncompleted.

The 'Location' tab shows the selected days tasks and what locations those tasks are assigned too.

Creating Tasks

You can create a task on the task management page by filling out the 'Create a task' form.

Only employees that are scheduled to work on the selected day will be shown inside the task 'Assignee' field.

Tasks must be given a name and assigned to a location before they can be assigned.

Creating Events

Click on the 'Create Event' tab for open the Event form.

An event must have a name and be assigned to a location to create.

Saved Tasks

Use the 'Saved Tasks' tab to create tasks that are used often within your organization.

You can save these tasks to be easily assignable in the future to help save you time.

Facility Map

Link: Facility Map

The map page is where you can access your facilities created maps. Here you can see all locations within your facility and any tasks or events assigned to them.

You can also see any assets being tracked with turf tracker, along with all your organization's turf soil readers.

Use the legend at the top for pin color reference. Maps can be deleted on the account page under the 'Maps' tab.

For information on how to add or remove maps, refer to the Turf Maps documentation section under 'Organization'.

Completed Tasks

Link: Completed Tasks

This page is for allows you to monitor all tasks that have been completed by your employees.

You can see any comments added to the task by clicking the note/comment button.

Mechanics Log

Link: Mechanic Log

The Mechanic Log is for the logging of work by your mechanic. To log an entry of work, follow the below steps.

  • 1 - Navigate to the equipment table and edit the piece of equipment youd like to work on. Set the equipments 'Status' to 'Out Of Service'.
  • 2 - Navigate back to the Mechanics Log page and select 'New Entry'.
  • 3 - Fill in the form that appears and select the piece of equipment you set to 'Out Of Service' status.
  • 4 - Select any 'mechanic products' used for this task. You can add mechanic products into the Mechanics Inventory table.
  • 4 - Submit the entry into the table.

You should now see the work done on the piece of equipment in the mechanics log table. Any products used during this task will be deducted from their total on the Mechanics Inventory Table.


Link: Statistics

The statistics page simply shows your organization's task statistics. Here you can see how many tasks your organization completed or didn't complete within a particular year, month or even day.

Work Day

The Work Day page shows that specific days tasks and events. Here you are given a view of your organization's locations and their associated tasks. To get to the work day page, select a specific day in the calendar. Calendar days that dont have any tasks or events will not take you to the work day page.


The Inventory tab houses your organization's supplies. Here you have access to view your organizations equipment, products(chemicals, sprays), and mechanical equipment.


Link: Equipment Page

The equipment page displays a table of all your organization's equipment. On this page, you can add in new equipment with the create button at the top of the table. The table displays information regarding your individual pieces of equipment and that status of those pieces.

On the far left of the table you will find a status icon. A green check means that piece of equipment is available for use. A yellow calendar icon means that piece of equipment is currently scheduled for a task. A red icon means that piece is out of service being working on by the mechanic.

When creating tasks on the task management page, you are able to select from the equipment in the table that have a status of available for that day. The equipment selected will then display as assigned in the equipment table.

The date select at the top of the page allows you to see the statuses of your equipment on different days. All of your organization's equipment will be shown in this table at all times, but the statuses of the equipment will change depending on the day selected in the date select.

You can edit your organization's equipment at any time with the edit button in the table.


Link: Equipment Page

The Products page displays 3 different tables. These tables house your organization's different chemicals, sprays, fertilizers, ect..

- Product Inventory Table

This table houses your organization's individual products. Here you can enter in each different item into the table and easily track the products total unit amount you have available. Each of these products can be used when assigning tasks and the amount used will be deducted from the total amount available in the table.

- Mixture combination Table

The mixtures table is for any chemical combinations your organization uses. Enter in new mixtures to the table using the Conversion Calculator below to help with the unit amounts. The chemical mixtures you enter into the table can also be selected when creating tasks.

- History Table

Selecting the history tab at the top of the page will display the product history table. This table logs when a chemical or an individual product is used on a task. This table comes in handy for auditing purposes and for seeing when last a product was applied to an area.

Mechanic Products

Link: Mechanic Products Page

The Mechanics products table displays items related to your mechanics work. Here you can enter in items like spark plugs, oil, lubricant, mower blades, ect..

The items in this table can be used in the Mechanics Log page. This table allows your organization to track your supply of products entered into the table.