• Manage your inventory like never before

Equipment and Product Management

Easily manage your equipment and product inventory and track your costs. Turf Tasker allows you to manage the inventory of not only your equipment, but also your chemical / nutrient products. See what pieces of equipment are currently being used, which ones are available, and which ones are out of service in the shop. Always know how much of each product you have on hand at any time. Your product's amounts in your inventory will decrease when they are used during tasks, and we will track the costs of the products you use.

Purchase Orders (PO) and Cost Tracking

Yes, you keep track of your inventory with Turf Tasker, but we get more granular than that. You keep track of each purchase, whether you bought one item or a hundred. Enter that equipment and those products in to precisely match your receipt.

Paired with our Area Calculator, inventory tracking has never been so accurate, allowing for spot on detailed cost tracking, forecasting, and budgeting reports. All this boils down to one main thing: SAVING MONEY.

Receipt/ Invoice Storage

Each PO comes with a receipt or invoice, and as you know Turf Tasker aims to remove the necessity for large file cabinets. Take a picture of the physical receipt (or for online purchases a PDF), and upload it. You never need to keep physical receipts again. If you ever need it in the future, simply download it.

  • Use the power of mapping to get real and accurate calculations regarding your property.

Area Calculations

Ever need to know the exact area a section of your property comprises? Turf Tasker brings accurate area calculations in acres all the way down to square foot measurements. All by just a couple clicks to outline the area in question, and voilà... accurate, real numbers appear out of thin air. Don't worry about how, just know we provide that for you.

Unit Conversions

Many times we need to make complex conversions from one unit to others just to make sure to apply the right ratio. Turf Tasker gives you the conversion tool so that you always know your math is correct. In fact better yet, Turf Tasker wants to make it so you never have to do math again. We'll gladly take that workload off your hands.

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