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Reports and Statistics

As tasks are completed, Turf Tasker will compile and log the data. Statistics Assistant provides a more detailed insight into where time is being spent within your organization. Giving you the ability to see how many hours are being spent at each of your locations or how much time your tasks are taking your employees on average. Turf Tasker's reporting and statistics will have you operating your facility at tip top shape.

See how long it takes your employees to complete certain tasks and see how long it takes them on average. With our task reporting, you can see where time is being lost within your employees.

Look back at past records to see when applications were sprayed

Downloadable Reports in PDF format

All tables and statistical data within Turf Tasker are able to be downloaded to a PDF for you to export and print out if needed.

Downloadable Reports in EXCEL spreadsheet format

We also make all tables and statistical data available for download in a CSV (comma separated) format, which can be effortlessly viewed in EXCEL, Libre Office, or any of your other favorite spreadsheet software products.

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