• Road Map

    • Enhanced Mapping for Location and Sub Locations

      March 10, 2021

      There will be a new portal page dedicated to location and sub location creation and editing. The location border drawing experience upgraded and provides the ability to be more granular, which will help with quick, easy, and accurate area calculations. On top of that, it will just be visually stunning!

    • Enhanced Area Calculations

      March 25, 2021

      Right now you can outline your border on the map for area calculations. But now, after our mapping enhancements, we want you to easily be able to select multiple locations and sub locations already created to get comprehensive area value. Of course you will still be able to free draw as well, for any ad hoc measurements you need!

    • Soil Sensor HeatMap

      April 5, 2021

      A new setting will be available on the Facility Map. Toggle the heatmap and see a visually stunning and color focused view of your sensors and the variations between the data for each.

    • Enhanced Product Inventory Cost Tracking and Reporting

      April 20, 2021

      There will be a new portal page for adding purchase orders and receipt images or PDFs for new equipment and products. This will be where inventory is added and also removed. Each of the removal or purchase events will be stored for historical reporting and cost analysis.

    • Enhanced Random Task Creation

      May 23, 2021

      Right now to give tasks a location you choose one that you have already created. But what about telling the worker exactly, down the latitude/longitude, where the target area is? That is what we are going to give you. You will be able to click and select a specific spot on the map and use it as the task's location. When the worker looks at his task, he will be able to view the map with that location pin-pointed, taking the guess work out of your operations.

    • Increase Automation Options in Auto Tasker

      June 1, 2021

      Right now we give the capability to create configuration to automate actions based on weather forecasts. That is the first of many more options that will be made available. More to come will be around soil data, equipment tracking, task completions, and more. Set your organization on auto pilot!

    • Turfgrass Blog and Turf Alert System


      We will be creating a whole library of resource content including podcasts, videos, research articles and other publications from the industry's most trusted and knowledgeable members. Helping keep you in the loop on all the latest conversation topics and developments in Turfgrass management, sharpening your metaphorical toolbox to provide the most pristine facilities in the world. We will also be developing Turf Alerts, a complex system providing alerts which contain tips and suggestions tailored to your facility based on the types of tasks you create, products you apply, Geo location of your property, and more. Talk about a game plan for perfection!

    • Irrigation Control and Automation


      We are working with major irrigation companies that you know and possibly use already, to integrate into the Turf Tasker product suite.

    • Spanish Translations


      We realize that English is not everyone's first language. We are going to make it easy to toggle between English and Spanish. Everything, on every page will be translated. Even comments a superintendent makes in English, will be translated to Spanish and vice versa. Turf Tasker has no barriers, and we definitely aren't going to let language be one.