Improving your decisions with in-ground data

Turf Tasker integrates with Spiio’s wireless in-ground sensor

Soil Assistant

Turf Tasker has the ability to connect with Spiio's wireless in-ground sensors, and give you our custom look and feel to the data Spiio provides. Connect any existing Spiio sensors your facility already has or purchase a Spiio sensor through us!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make decisions. With Turf Soil Assistant and Spiio sensors, stream soil moisture, temperature, light, and salinity data from the ground hour by hour – around the clock. Giving you the knowledge you need to make better agronomic decisions.

Soil Assistant's user friendly UI makes it easy to pick and choose which Spiio sensor you'd like to view along with it's data. Enter in the time span and have exact readings at your finger tips in seconds. Compare readings from month to month, year to year, or sensor to sensor.

You only buy our wireless sensor once. From there on we will provide you with fresh wireless sensors when the battery runs out, as long as your Turf Tasker subscription is active. We recognize that what you eventually want is a life long stream of data and knowledge, not a wireless sensor.

Your eyes in the ground;

check your soil moisture from anywhere

What data does Spiio collect?

Turf Tasker's Soil Assistant displays the following data collected from Spiio


With a .1% accuracy you will know soil temperatures like never before.


You can use the in-built light sensor for shade studies.


Capacitive moisture sensor accurately measuring VWC.


Measuring electrical conductivity of the soil in ECMS.

Know your rootzone temps 24/7,

make better agronomic decisions

Manufactured by our Trusted Partner

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Built tough for durability and longevity. American Made in California.


Spiio's sensor is built to last up to 5+ years in the ground. It is innovated and crafted with over five years of rigorous testing in order to become the most durable wireless sensor technology ever on the market. It has four sensors in one device: a capacitive soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor, salinity sensor and light sensor.

Easy to install and move

With advanced scan-and-go technology, it takes no time to install or move a wireless sensor. It has never been so easy to get started with continuous in-ground data.

Fast and personal service

Lifetime Warranty

Your Spiio sensor comes with a lifetime warranty as long as your Turf Tasker subscription is active. We guarantee it for life.

Free Replacements

Once you buy Spiio's wireless sensor once, you will get free product replacements as long as your Turf Tasker subscription is active.

Premium Support

Turf Tasker and Spiio are always here to help you with timely and personal support. We strive to respond to you within a timely manner.

Start using Soil Assistant with Spiio's data today!