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The all in one management platform for your business or facility. Built to optimize employee operations, save time, and allow you insight into the day to day life of your organization, Turf Tasker gives you a look into your facility like never before!

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Facility Management

Easily view all tasks and events under your facility with our Calendar Assistant. Drill into a particular day for a more detailed view of the day's ongoings. Perfect for planning out an entire month, Calendar Assistant will keep you organized and keep your employees up to date with the month's work.

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Inventory Management

Turf Tasker's inventory assistant takes everything into account. We keep an inventory for your facility's equipment and products, including historical tracking of all the chemical / fertilizer products your facility uses. With our equipment inventory, you can keep track of what pieces of equipment are out for maintenance for the day, which items are being used on tasks, and which items are currently free.

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Soil Assistant

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make decisions. With Soil Assistant and Spiio's Soil Sensor, stream soil moisture, temperature and salinity data from the ground hour by hour – around the clock. Giving you the knowledge you need to make better agronomic decisions.

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Asset Tracking

Turf Tasker Tracking Assistant offers the best asset tracking service. Your facility's pieces of equipment with Turf Tracking installed will be visible from your organization's Facility Maps. Our Tracking Assistant allows for easy monitoring of equipment throughout the day and can be configured to give alerts to the facility manager.

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Reporting and Statistics

As tasks are completed and logged, Turf Tasker will compile and log the data. Statistics Assistant provides a more detailed insight into where time is being lost within your organization. As Turf Tasker continues to grow, more statistics will become available.

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Area Calculations and Cost Forecasting

There is a lot of applying chemicals, nutrients, and other products in the Turfgrass business. Typically, there is also a lot of math involved, as the products give a spread ratio over a certain amount of area. How much acreage is my hole 1 fairway? We allow you to know exactly how big each of the areas of your property are, with only a few clicks. But we go a step further. Tell us what you are applying, and we can tell you exactly (down to the cents on a dollar), how much it will cost you to spread the selected products over the chosen areas. Think about it, Wow.

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